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Shang Chien Liu on behalf of Tingli Meng’s death by netizens blasted cobwebs

Shang Chien Liu on behalf of Tingli Meng’s death by netizens blasted cobwebs

Shang Chien Liu on behalf of Tingli Meng's death by netizens blasted cobwebs
Shang Chien Liu on behalf of Tingli Meng’s death by netizens blasted cobwebs

50 filming Tingli Meng 26th fainted with shock, 27th emergency transfers to the Taipei Veterans General Hospital, comatose index 3. Overnight observation, she was 28th in the intensive care unit, relying on drugs and respirators maintained for signs of life. Her brother yesterday to the hospital to visit tug of sister with death and meltdown, could not help but burst into tears outside the ward. But at this point, were made by the senior artist Shang-Chien Liu for her death, by netizens start shelling, asking him to withdraw, but he insisted yesterday: “as far as I know Meng, tingli already brain dead, is families are reluctant to pull the tube, I will never withdraw. ”
Shang-Chien Liu is the father of entertainer Johnny Liu, Sun Qin Yue, his 27th in the face in the evening writing: “Chambers this afternoon Li Rong extubation of total brain death, left us! “That make a lot of friends in the article at face value, thought she had gone. But there are even more people think, Tingli Meng in rescue, rush to his death, to his “point”.
Shang-Chien Liu interviewed yesterday, said he played a couple of Meng, tingli and Liu Bo Wen chuan Qi, after 2 months, their mutual friend keep praying outside the ward the day before yesterday, they told him: “the doctor has been declared brain dead, the family is unwilling to extubation, please give 3 days in hospital. “In the face of Netizen criticism of him, he can’t take down the article that he is not wrong, even says:” just put it right there, they themselves declared she had passed away. ”
In this regard, Tingli Meng brokerage firms angry response: “who is he? Did he live? Doctors can’t say brain dead, said brain damage only, but smaller sister to survive strong him why such articles? “Relatives and friends do not dispute, United hope Tingli Meng woke up her brother says sadly:” family will come on, or ask who is responsible for the only hope that we continue to pray for my sister. ”
Tingli Meng shock for the first time sent to new homes in Taoyuan hospital, initially was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage, brokers said yesterday, after transferred to the Veterans General Hospital, doctors made Pleural effusions, heart and tomography, examination, but has yet to determine the cause brain damage is a stroke or fatigue, can only be observed at present, families wait for miracles to happen.
Tingli Meng’s sister Zhang Jia瑄 two days by her side, yesterday said nearly a year, as a pillar in the family of Meng, tingli, busy rolling play just to feed her family had a good year, “before she got sick, we didn’t force her to see a doctor, cause such a thing really caught off guard. “Yesterday we He Rong, pony, Chih Wei Tang, who also went to the Hospital early in the morning to pray for her, says Chih Wei Tang, Tingli Meng looked like sleeping, his encouragement in her ear, and told her not to worry about things.
Tingli Meng 26th in shooting on-location suddenly shock fell to the ground, unconscious since yesterday afternoon emergency transfers to Veterans General Hospital after the emergency care unit, after 1 night condition has not improved, but not worse, organs are still functioning. Her brother last night after visiting her, couldn’t help crying: “let my brother take care of you in the next life. “Not give sister for many years has been hard filming this misfortune. Declined to health care personnel on site, 4-7 day is key to the future. Chorus of fan friends all pray for her and hope she can wake up early.
Tingli Meng recently while making the 8 points of the dowry and the TV drama of the come on! Mei-ling, was devastated, with flu-associated pneumonia, but not medical recuperation, the ailing professional work, but shock, coma, and MOM and dad with no hope for her to go home. Yesterday at about 10 o’clock she’s 8 years old, 90 years old, the parents don’t show up at the hospital, but the brother and friends are there to cheer her, big brother Meng initially strong greeting friends and relatives, finally couldn’t help but weaker in the knees crying: “this kind of thing, we don’t blame, hope sister experience can bring positive force in society. Of “intends to incite and refers to the outside world, accountability Tingli Meng accident causes, are meaningless.
Meng Di sister continued coma situation optimistic idea, looking forward to her home for family reunions at an early date. Under Meng Di yesterday also face writes in “my sister is a great guy, very obedient, very thoughtful care for others, we support all the way, encouraging each other, now she’s unconscious, I heart wrenching again and again, really good care sister.” Brother and sister love was palpable.
After 1 night where Tingli Meng illness change? Her agent said: “she’s in stable condition, still on the drug life, not much changes. “Why was asked whether shock? Brokers said that after she was transferred to the Veterans General Hospital the day before yesterday, do check brain computed tomography, ultrasound of the heart, chest, were unable to determine exactly why lead to shock, only medication to breathe for her heartbeat.
On-site health care staff who declined to be named said Meng, tingli vitality, and near death after organs will fall off, but she is still flat and stable, 4-7 day is key to the future, hope Tingli Meng can by an effort to survive. It is reported that she was spider webs hemorrhage, vital signs stable at present, have to rely on her own brain repair, will change.
Tingli Meng puzzle why so they can shoot from outside, it is reported that she was under financial pressure, parents aged, almost shoulder to shoulder family and career for many years, has so far rented, single of her name is not real estate, common to scrimp and save, as it is hoped that elderly parents not to worry about. She plays about 2 years before the cut, played in the drama Mama, not many play points, set, close friends like Sally Chan, also introduced around for her work last year and the contract partner, the exposure is more frequent, because income instability, so recently received 2 8, especially hard.
Meng, tingli 26th as the come on! Mei-ling said the words “I’m so tired” just passed out, was not breathing and heartbeat, when director Peng Zhaohong CPR first aid immediately, still lives and tug of war. Yesterday producer Han Yanping revealed Peng Dao “mood somewhat excited”, but still busy with guide play; for outside questioned Tingli Meng body has chigger and headache days, why also let she took rain play, Tingli Meng brokers Wang Huiyu and making people are said, Director are for understanding she body does not apply, site also prepared has cold clothing, and preservation film, items alternate, also only let sprinkler car in lens Qian sprinkled, does not really of sprinkled in Tingli Meng body.
Tingli Meng Ma Huizhen of friends is also a senior actor, yesterday revealed Tingli Meng passed out 1 night before she and Zhang Qian, 2 senior directors about the actors in “full House” eat spicy hot pot, Tingli Meng didn’t seem uncomfortable, but am happy to say, “Wow, I eat like spicy hot pot, and chat with friends. “Is that a few days the temperature is very low, she always wanted to drink hot broth warm.
Ma Huizhen said: “when that day comes, hair and makeup people as of the dowry should be the class during the day, 1 she was carrying bags of clothes, said Hui Peng finished the evening. “Ma Huizhen phone while filming the next day, just in time to see Tingli Meng said he only slept for 30 minutes on Facebook, she guessed Meng was 26th after the morning downhill from the FTV direct to TV sets, then a ride to Taoyuan come on! Mei ling, is a 30-minute NAP during that connection route.
Tingli Meng was the first pick of the come on! Mei ling, but on a play and play, followed the vision of the dowry, known on the play is “earned”, my friends knew her under financial pressure, really happy for her.
Ma Huizhen and took the come on! Beauty ling, she said Tingli Meng has always been is seriously, regardless of more tired are spirit full work, 26th that field play is took summer of play, but crew are is protection actor, the some measures are has, Tingli Meng for drama in the son Apang missing, paranormal Hou excited cry reduction, at filming didn’t people found deviations from, dang Director said OK Hou, she with another 1 a drama in the son seal said has sentence “I good tired” on pour in he body, because somewhat sank, seal wants to put she helped up only became she really of fainted.
Ma Huizhen thinks this thing is not who is right and who is wrong, she choked bless old friend to ride out the difficulties, also went to the hospital to visit when Meng, tingli’s roommate and sister referred to a sign: “she recently called headache. “Formosa yesterday, said Meng, tingli 25th do sooner or later, but not much drama,” now the plot has been slightly amended, no continuity of the urgent “. Doesn’t affect the refueling! Mei ling said, “will retain her role, no matter how the future, hope she wakes up early to complete. “As far as the play took stock of 10 episodes, should not find another candidate instead.
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