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Contradictions in McLaren over Alonso’s career

Contradictions in McLaren over Alonso's career
Contradictions in McLaren over Alonso’s career
Quickly get to Asturias after Sunday‘s race Fernando Alonso. Up to Barcelona accompanied you his father, his mother and one of her nieces, as well as his man of trust, Luis García Abad, and Alberto, his best friend. Maybe he would have liked the astur genius stay another day in Barcelona enjoying the city, but the truth is that it was notfor many pleasures.


And it is said at the end of the test that McLaren had decided to stop him, who hadno chance to fight with Jenson Button that was just ahead of him and that the teampolicy seems to be that it consists of respect the position that ends before the first round. And Button came out better, also since Saturday to change the clutch of the Spanish.


Thus things while Alonso says one thing, teammate tells another. “It’s a shame thatFernando withdrew, because we were out having a good battle there,” said the British. Also acknowledged that his career was the output and little else: “I had a great exit, but it was not a very easy race for me. Not had much adherence, and anything else that did, suffered from. We knew that it would be difficult to rate it here, so the result was not so bad.”


And for its part of the sports Chief of the team, Eric Boullier was the Spanish class, but in his words seems to be inferred that it flew without any limit. “Fernando was not able to score because of a problem of command software which stopped the combustion engine, but until that time I was riding hard and well, and if it weren’t for that problem, probably also would have finished in the top ten“. Something that alsocollides with what Fernando said.


And the truth is that the atmosphere has been good all season, and Alonso does not want to repeat nowhere near as of 2007. Either way, at McLaren they want to forget already this race and focus on an appointment that have underlined from the beginning of the year. “We will be fighting hard for a decent result in the notoriously unforgiving streets of Monaco,” said Boullier. To see if it is true.

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