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Five moments for which Real Madrid lost the League

Five moments for which Real Madrid lost the League
Five moments for which Real Madrid lost the League
Real Madrid stayed two points (the distance over the goal average) to take the titleafter a comeback that would have been historic (12 points in other so many days). But the spectacular full of victories in the final straight was insufficient to correct theobstacles that distanced the Madrid of Barcelona in the first two thirds of the Championship.


1. disappointing home in El Molinón
The League is twisted him to Madrid from the first day. White crashed in El Molinona Sporting that resitió the siege of the Benitez: 0-0 after 22 shots on goal. Real Madrid began the season in tow of his rivals, but, despite the disappointment would soon lift the flight…


2. unable to beat Malaga and Kameni
Madrid just four days to enmedar enough of Gijón and put on head. He clinched leader after the victory at San Mamés and the Celtic scoring (4-1) into the boat. The lead, ephemeral, just a day that was also very brief lasted them to whites. Just four days later, Real Madrid crashed against another wall, which rose Kameni in the Bernabeu. 31 shots (nine between the three sticks) to finish 0-0 and give up the lead.


In the second round, Real Madrid was not able to pass the tie (1-1) in the rose garden. New Kameni became the villain, this time for Zidane. The Cameroonian and Malaga have resulted to the end judges of the League. The Madrid only let out the goalaverage against them (matched), the Barcelona and Atletico (lost with both).


3. the Pizjuan and classic: black November
After the first tie against Malaga, Real Madrid regained the lead quickly. Two matches were enough to regain first place. A position which defended for three days. November was disastrous for the Benitez. In the first game of the month (the Las Palmaswas 31 October), the Madrid noticed the absence of Keylor Navas, fell (3-2) in the Pizjuan and said goodbye to the lead for the entire season.


Break through selections that occurred that month he sat badly with Madrid. As a side effect of the virus FIFA, came the great fiasco of the season: the 0-4 at the Bernabeu classic. November ended with three points (the victory in Eibar) nine possible and a slab which the team dragged until the penultimate round: Atletico snatch the second position.


4 Betis disables the effect of Zidane
The arrival of Zidane gave a new look to Real Madrid. The French coach was released with two victories at home that optimism returned to the Bernabeu Harrow. But ittook out to consolidate. Prick at the first exit: 1-1 in the Villamarin and many doubts. Which reproduced two weeks later in Granada – Modric scored the goal of the victory (1-2) in the 84′ – and later in Malaga. Three outings in which the Madrid dropped four points.


5 defeat in the Derby of the Bernabeu
The Derby against Atletico was a turning point. The Madrid came in an almost extreme situation: nine points of Barca and play the second place with the of Simeone, nailbiting whites in a point. Atletico defeated (0-1) a game in which overturned completely to the Zidane.


The technician then gave the title lost: “The League is finished,” declared in press room after the game. He said it but he not surrendered. Real Madrid chained a historic streak: full of victories in the last twelve days of League. An effort not enough to wipe a (12 points) advantage of Barcelona which seemed (and was) final and that, while Barça were on the verge of throwing overboard, finally meant an unbridgeable abyss for Real Madrid.

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