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López Vázquez kids with guns we had

López Vázquez kids with guns we had
López Vázquez kids with guns we hadLópez Vázquez kids with guns we had

The Santander Olympic Sailor Santi López Vázquez reviewed in reference to the assault armed that they suffered on Thursday morning in the District of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro that: “we all know that Rio is a dangerous city and have gone with much care every day that we have been here.” We are in this neighborhood, that it is not controversial and where there is much tourism, because we are very close to Marina da Glória, which is where we need the training base.”

“It is true that there is much poverty and insecurity, but we are in an Aparthotel and got out to walk from the area of bars and shops that we have next door for breakfast and we do it without team clothing and without calling attention,” it added.

He explained the assault: “it happened on a street in down and where there were no people. A group of children, very excited, as if they were drugged out behind us with a pair of pistols, us gunpoint, and both Fernando Echávarri and Tara Pacheco as I stayed paralyzed”.

“As we know how they are things here, we have just enough to train, we have not lost documentation because we carry only photocopies of the identity card over, little money and computers left them in the apartment. It was very fast because the residents of the street came out screaming and saying they were going to call the police, and this made them run away, leaving some things on the ground. Luckily it didn’t take elders”, has continued.

7 team returns to Spain on Wednesday 25th and will return to River from June 29 to July 20 to make already preparing the last before the big Olympic event.

Daily making walk is only from the Aparthotel at the bar where breakfast. From there to the base Marina da Gloria go by taxi, although it is a path that can be walking.

It wished to thank the hospitality of residents: “welcomed us into their homes and let us call us soothing. Scare not nobody takes it away and now we are going by taxi up to a breakfast. When it came the police put us in contact with the Consulate and then I was in a car patrol to turn to see if he could identify any of the attackers. The truth is that I was afraid of the areas we toured”.

“We are all well, we continue to train us. Today we do some tweaks in the boats and the neighborhood has increased the police presence. Eight cars had patrol, but I guess it will be for only a few days. What is troubling is when away games because the increase of tourists and visitors will be given many more cases like ours”, concludes Santi López Vázquez.

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