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Program for young Chai Open heart diamond cut diamond waiting to talk copyright channel 7. To find a solution!!

Program for young Chai Open heart diamond cut diamond waiting to talk copyrightchannel 7. To find a solution!!


Program for young Chai Open heart diamond cut diamond waiting
Program for young Chai Open heart diamond cut diamond waiting
Case of copyright issues was diamond cut diamond, which has a copyright owner to 2 people by the first sale of the rights to the tv station channel 7, and has a “peaceful purpose” from the camp, Srikanth fits the word commissioned as such drama producers. While copyright owners again, she has sold out to those zealous chat program for young Chai birth gems end thaiklai problems are summarized that suspenseful certainty in such a drama production should be anybody’s. ?


The most recent of which side of the young intelligence victory.” it has the opportunity to open their minds to such copyright issues by officer confirmed that the copyright holder has purchased from the heirs of the sat เนาว South long and it has contact with channel 7 story from deposits not yet created such drama, but in when thematter comes to this point, it must be part of the negotiated agreement between the self and the adult channel 7 conclusions one as of now I still can’t tell but I believethere is a problem with the prosecution certainly


Copyright character diamond cut diamond?
Actually, I have a news release that the film article diamond cut diamond. Is not thename of the movie, including the title character in the film is that, there are people who wrote two one person is you, “ you are liying sek sat, which now เนาว Raj our own one. Therefore, in making up drama must have the consent of the owner of the two composition. “


Show that from one?
With this law, not like a car of 2 people with the name as the owner of the boss. A. Iwill let other people without asking the owner together it wouldn’t.


But one party he created to 80 percent!
It’s understanding on the channel 7 because, I believe, channel 7, may not know now that people are writing together, because channel 7 ever built once, it did not have any problems because by then your heirs way เนาว haven’t sat Raj appeared, butat this time, he appears and heir. Therefore of course it must be a matter of the lawsinvolved. “


We know this story?
Originally known as our own Dusit “to call you first time sek way the heir is his son, it has agreed to sell to us that will make the channel 8, but it appears that he wants us to attach the end promise that if there is a successor of the” sat related เนาว South. He did not request a kinda related. You must be young people responsible, we have to talk with the way Tony ho Hien said this is not okay, not legal. Need to get both parties to consent to surrender signed, we just went back to talk to the heirs of the Dusit sek way that we are not really convenient. If this side, it said that removing this one., I had to find a successor sat เนาว South” before vs. whenever and come back that which we were okay, and then went to look for past one month until we suddenly found that you sat เนาว South death and heirs he 6 people are situatedabroad. Some people open a shop selling food to order, and then the legal, how much we had to request a purchase. Enough to buy their way back then to the heirs ofthe Dusit sek you told him that isn’t up-to-date, then. I sold it, then why do we notbrother or headphones to match I a I he said it because I just want everyone we’re not seedless or headphones to answer whether the handset to. Asked who do I go to buy back it’s not us. “


After that, no more than 3 months is considered a pending contract, do not know how to do nothing. Finally, on channel 7, it announced to create drama. We are puzzled as to why MBC has created, I have to talk to it Law Department, it really make no attempt to contact our hair is not going to talk, I just directly deposit to innocent to? After that, it’s just the news after we sent prior to build with. When fitting new. “


Access to legal processes must be justly?
The answer is not organic but as of now I have not got the idea to sue the channel 7, I believe that people are the same British band. Maybe it just has to be talking.Help each other find a solution rather than to the lawsuit because that it is really very suing each other, but if the Union‘s time, then I still say no because if this was taken off the air will be legal?, but as of today, I still do not think that will be sued. “


Channel 7 is that? After we contacted?
Adults have, the people at Channel 7 contact that asks to talk to find a way out, butby the time we’re working every day, some days we are available for adults, you arebusy, so I haven’t had a chance to talk to each other.”


We would like to sell the copyright to let him go?
This constant need to talk about it in a way that can be found nowhere in that range. We have come, we just start fitting. Start contacting the characters do the article.Everything to do with this story. Finally, enough for 2 people, know it has a contractand we considered just one leg, we just feel that we do not now have a problem so Ihave to close the story.


Our personal Srikanth talk?
“No talking, Loei Comanche personal. read the interview of the flag, and then the same. It is also love and respect brother kinda like the original flag, then never have problems with flag and a flag that I did this because the story I heard that channel 7 isbought and then assigned to the flag as the host. Therefore, this is not about the flag‘s channel 7 that would have to come together to find a solution to the way I understand brother than the flag. Don’t get angry. Not wanting to hurt anything. Now brother will understand.


Hope that the sides agreed on what duties person do?
This one would ask to talk to everybody making would be impossible. Need to request access to talk to the adult channel 7 to jointly find a way out?


Damages that we start to matter about?
It’s about one, whether it is a matter of copyright itself, which we do, or what article fee Info.

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