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visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country

visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country

 visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country
visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country
104 December 20, at 5 o’clock in the morning, 8 minutes, 34 years old from United States, California House (Manuele Christopher) life first came to Taiwan has also become Taiwan first million visitors to Taiwan in tour history, in the arrival hall of the international airport in Taoyuan, and was warmly welcomed and accepted President Ma Ying-jeou presented a “big peak” statues. For him, this day he will never forget, and Taiwan, but we live out among thousands of country vision day, a red-letter day.

Two letters from the mainland tourists that … …
Taiwan tourism business cards
First arrived in Taiwan, where it is strange to us, but are also attractive, we like against like a headless chicken, but guides Steven will always run at the right time ahead of us, hold us, scared of danger. Clearly, the tour guide duties has internalized his force, only all visitors with a panoramic view, will feel at ease. Him, not after reading countless people of cynicism, not day-to-day work to deal with, nor shirking of sentimental. There is no doubt he became Taiwan a window, through him, allows us to see the Taiwan beautiful scenery.

Urban corners of the hospitable
Visiting Taipei City corners and experience warm hospitality here! The way they’re keen to help you find your way, and tell you a lot. They are proud of their beautiful locations and beautiful things, respected snack, go shopping at the night market, even if you don’t buy anything, and will sincerely thank you, feel good, too! To go to the bathroom, clean aunt will warm greeting, saying “Welcome”, waiter Kid Sister smiling pour water, generous, thanks for hanging lips! Let me ask, how did you do it so well?

Taiwan in international between of attraction is more oriented of, for example has so officer, and has food, and everywhere are has WiFi, even riding bike also world well-known, in recent years Taiwan of life life style also has became attract international passenger of charm one of, again plus people affinity enthusiasm of virtue, more is let visitors linger revisited of important factors, also prompted to Taiwan passenger by walk ascended, from Republic 96 of 3.71 million passengers, since 98 up continuous 7 years, annually broken million door kan, and Yu 104 years end of in one fell swoop breakthrough do passengers Overall satisfaction of more than 96%, tourism foreign exchange revenues also grew to 104 years of 445 billion yuan from 97 187.1 billion yuan, as a global tourism foreign exchange into 24th place.

When the airport and high-speed train lines, rapid transit more and more blonde Westerners face, said more and more Japanese, Korean, Cantonese backpackers, with passenger growth, tourism revenues in proportion to overall national GDP also increased, tourism has become an important national strategy key industries. In 98, the Government put forward the “sightseeing top pilot programme (98-103)” to pump 30 billion yuan tourist development funds, Taiwan advantage elements focusing on the development of tourism, from the construction of recreation facilities, packaging and marketing strategies to improve the competitiveness of their products.

 ♦ Travelodge take off high quality recycling
98 and 101, respectively, started star hotel evaluation and hospitable bed and breakfast in selection systems, to 104 years, there were 604 star hotels and 624 hospitable bed and breakfasts by evaluation. Bullish Taiwan sightseeing boom, domestic hotel investment 97 to 105 years cumulative estimates up 354.4 billion yuan; international chain hotel brand stationed in Taiwan, from 97 of 11 a improve to 104 years of 20 a, as Europe Department Novotel (Taipei Novotel China Airlines Taoyuan airport hotel), and beauty Department Le Meridien (Taipei home AI beauty hotel), and w Hotel, and Crown Plaza (Kaohsiung meaning big Crown), and Marriot (million Howe hotel), and Japanese Okura (Moon travel lodge), Kaga, etc. 

♦ Special event, let you go
For sightseeing and elegance, and from 97 to 104 years of traffic, medium-range planning for the construction of the important tourist attractions, create an international tourist attraction attractions, national scenic area visitor 88%, tourist consumption growth 40%. “The northeast corner of the old Tsaoling tunnel,” World Tourism Association (WTTC) tourism award for tourism destination tomorrow 2nd place; “Sun Moon Lake bike path” by CNN (tourism website CNNGO) named the world’s top ten most beautiful bike paths. Another 102 years to promote “Taiwan Tourism year” features out of Taiwan, into the international, one of the “2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival” international media as the “no Disney World roller coaster,”. Also for 4 years of “Taiwan bike day” series bikes, one of Mountain King (KOM), SBS Radio in Australia as the world’s top 6 bike riding through mountain routes, France’s leading bike magazine, Le Cycle as with the classical European Alps activities.

♦ To go swimming, you can go
“Perennial lived abroad of forest Miss last back Taiwan has is years Qian of thing has, this back specially wants to to nine copies returns to, a out of Metro station on see has” Taiwan good line “of poster, to visitors center asked only know gold Fu long line except can to nine copies outside, also can to nose, and cave, and o end of, and Fu long, 8 a site, yiqian unless himself drive, to to these place very not convenient, now as long as buy Zhang votes on can enjoy car like of shuttle, Along the she found nine copies today of downtown has ceased to memory in the of mountain small town, but tourism quality of upgrade, is also not lost beauty added area, a Taiwan bus may no what, but on years never home of people for, “Taiwan good line” finishing miss this to has many may this life are no opportunities to of place, no what can than saw home of beauty more was moved of has! 」

From 99 of the Tourism Bureau to promote the “Taiwan good line” attractions connected tourist services, the service routes covering Taiwan and the Islands most beautiful scenic spots in the island, and integration of local industries to release more than 80 kinds of feature packages becomes free tourists travel to experience swimming Taiwan traffic preferred beauty. Another provision of the “Taiwan views the Israeli-Palestinian” guests can enjoy a low number (1 to 4 people) travel, transport stations and hotel transfers, and in Chinese, English and Japanese guide explaining and travel insurance services, leading domestic and foreign visitors to experience swimming Taiwan beauty. And encouraging the travel industry, the hotel industry to promote barrier-free tourism environment and seniors tours, provide humane care travel services, make domestic tourism more intimate.


Tourism marketing and look forward to your visit
Taiwan’s charm, international media have also given praise, including United States Web site Business Insider evaluation of Taiwan as “2016 will go to new tourism attractions in 6th place”, National Geographic Traveler as “2015 the world’s top 20 tourist sites” Lonely Planet “2015 top 10 best value world” New York Times “2014 Years will go places 11th in “CNN” reader’s choice gourmet destination Taiwan Guan “MasterCard” in 2015, 10 Muslim premier tourist destination “, Lifestyle9” the world’s most safe countries 2nd “4Travel” best Japanese traveling overseas alone States “, shows Taiwan is the top destination for international tourists and tourism!

Because tourist markets vulnerable to international political and economic situation and the source country’s domestic economic development and other factors, so Tourism Bureau, uphold the principle of “diversified, global layouts” concept, and continued work both major target markets, such as Japan, and Korea and in Canada and the United States tourists, and actively seek to include cruise, emerging tourism, incentive travel in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets, made visits to all market continues to grow.

According to Tourism Bureau statistics, 105 1-2 number of months to come to Taiwan has reached 1.786 million passengers, a 13.8%, including non-Mainland markets to 1.014 million passengers, growing 20.5%, this years 23.79% were fighting for growth in Southeast Asia. In addition, Singapore Islamic Crescent tourism website ratings and MasterCard announced 「 2016 10 Muslim travelers preferred destination city hills Taiwan ranked 7th, 2015 rankings jumped 3, Taiwan efforts to promote Muslim market!


Taiwan Yu 104 years has success to ushered in do sightseeing guest, next will focuses on “volume of tube control” and the “quality of upgrade”, this year more will expanded Southeast Asia emerging national marketing publicity strength, increased Southeast Asia simplified visa group social home number, in continued promoted in the of “sightseeing powers action programme (104-107 years)”, will active towards “optimization sightseeing industry and the talent”, and “launched features tourism attractions and the products”, and “Guide intelligent sightseeing added value application”, and “promotion green transport and the care tourism”, efforts. Ready (again) falls in love with Taiwan do? Do love Taiwan!

(This reference data provided by the Tourism Bureau, the Executive Yuan news editing)
 visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country
visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country
 visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country
visitors to Taiwan breaking thousands of Taiwan listed among the thousands of tourist country

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