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How to write a press release

How to write a press release

How to write a press release
How to write a press release
Press release requires originality, clarity, accuracy and objectivity. As news audiencesare often read news in a quick manner, so the most important information must bepresented first to attract readers, then detailed description of the event. This articlewill guide you through the writing of the press release.

Gather information. Once you have determined your writing topic, should first survey articles of related information. Presents the story of background knowledge and without knowledge of its readers is a priority for you. And you must hope to the mostin-depth investigations, the primary sources of information a blockbuster.

Read before the interview and writing background, you can correct the written press. For example, if you want to write an article on the new decree reported to preventdeforestation, the first thing you should know before how the law, why this law waspassed, who promoted it enacted, promulgated and who is against it and so on.
If you want to report an event, whether in a Senate hearing, baseball game or the presidential race, the first thing you should take part in it. After the note-taking process in order to be able to review some important happened.

The interview. First eyewitness news and expert advice is an important pillar and, therefore, you should identify those people related to the event, for them to make simple but effective interviews, their answer will be full of good news.
Appointment of respondents. Face-to-face interviews and telephone interviews can be.
Using interviews to support your content. For example, if you want to a destroyed village hurricane coverage, need to know how many houses damaged, it should be tointerview local officials while reporting on Hurricane when the situation, you need tointerview witnesses in the town.
Do not distort the intent of interviewer. Those who accept the people you interview,in fact, help is provided for your information. If you want to publish them, you should ensure that the references in the article are not taken out of context, but real, convey their meaning.

To confirm the authenticity. As a news writer, you should render accurate news and information for the readers. False positive news may seem innocuous, but the consequences are very serious! In addition to misleading the public, your credibility as a reporter would be outside of the industry (small Editor‘s Note: now may be counted as rumor rumor, it would have been tragic).
Appears in the authoritative data source to check numbers, and other important data. When writing an article about temperature change reports, to the met Office to make a phone call, check the temperature data.
If the information sources are just rumors, must be drawn from a number of different ways to confirm the credibility of this story.
Proof names and other unique terms that appear in the text, to ensure correct, in particular, to ensure that your interviewee‘s name is not misspelled.

The title. News headlines are generally short sentences, which a phrase needs to sum up the main content of the article. Title needs to attract the eye, but not eye candy and some irrelevant topics. Example:
Mourn the death of coach players by the Football Association to attend
Strong ground attacks in the coastal town of affected
Chinese President Visits Shanghai this weekend FTA

Lead. First sentence of the lead is news, and it should include the most valuable information in the article. Even if a reader only read the lead of the article, he should beable to get the main information in the news. Introductions should be written in thethird person, and covers the five elements of composition: when, where, who, what, how. Look at the examples:
Teaching steward said, according to the San Francisco area, there were three local primary schools will be closed due to the outbreak of bird flu this week.
On Monday, the local staff at the national natural park in the abandoned log cabin found a girl who disappeared for several days.

The trunk. The main part of the article should include the background, interview point of view and other necessary facts so that readers can understand in detail the whole incident. Each paragraph should have a small topic, each preferably no more than 150 words.
Importance of best events in turn write down, the first paragraph is most importantand not only according to the chronological arrangement of simple paragraphs, written like a diary. Readers should be able to browse through the first part of the article, we get primarily news and information in the article. If they are interested in, andcan then read back the contents.
Interview respondents through your statement, related data, historical data to support each of your ideas.

Conclusion. Full text of the last paragraph should give a summary and guide readersto related information outside the news attention, for full-text drawing to a successful close.

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