6. matters spend money you will need to find in that work.

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6. matters spend money you will need to find in that work.


6. matters spend money you will need

6. matters spend money you will need

Money and work well We are going to work to have money at the same time, we are wasting at work as well, but it’s not always easier to wandering, he told me. Because there are some people, and some scenarios that can cause some awkward at that time. Let’s take a look at the opportunity to spend money on these workplace and see and then try to analyze the situation to see if you should lose or what circumstances you should not spend money together.


Buy a gift to someone you don’t like.
It is common to say that wherever you work with people you like and which ones you don’t like and whether the work jerks example birthday, anniversaries, company, date, or who resign must have money to buy, soliciting gifts, which for this reason, you will be faced with a dilemma. Especially when you have to spend money to someone you don’t like.


Share the money Night Out
You’ve probably come across a date my boss decided that after work, both teams will have to go together, and of course, you and the others constant, expect that to bethe boss will have to pay for drinks and food of course. But after that day everyone leave comments that the value of the drinks and the food should be shared out!


Increase of salary.
This message is not about wasting money, but is that you should do for yourself you are working at this company for a long time. and then you suddenly realize thatyou receive the wage is now much lower than elsewhere. Which was physically compelled to resign, then to find out that it is difficult to cool, so it‘s time that you begina conversation fascinating awkward with your boss to ask for salary increases, which you probably know that it’s not easy. If someone has recently resigned to.


Not receive a refund.
Your colleague may be lent smaller amounts only. But to get the money back from your colleagues, it is cool to go up if you go to solicit coworkers might lose or forgeta forget about money that you borrow.


Refuse to lend money.
If you don’t want to come across the above situation, you can tell colleagues that came to borrowing money that you don’t have the money, but it is still not easy. Therefore you should pull the guts out of your rejection with tell me why if you need money to do anything. Why, no.


However, the If your work friends, borrow a little only. You might have to lend, but itshould set date for refund clearly hurt?


Keep the money to charity.
Colleagues may be involved in raising funds for charity work such as ordination celebration envelopes in Oulu and surely they need envelopes, distributing to you, which of course, you may never want to lose, with these envelopes, but it may be difficult to reject. Because it may not look good in the eyes of others.


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