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Afghanistan says that the taliban leader was killed

Afghanistan says that the taliban leader was killed


Afghanistan says that the taliban leader was killed
Afghanistan says that the taliban leader was killed
United States launched Saturday an airstrike against the leader of the Taliban, AjtarMohamed Mansur, in an area of the porous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Pentagon announced. The US Department of Defense considers that Mansur“probably” died in the bombing, said an official at the Reuters Agency.

The Chief of Cabinet of the Government of Afghanistan, Abdulá Abdullah, said on Sunday that Mansur died in the attack. “The taliban leader Ajtar Mansur died in an attack drone in Queta, Pakistan, at 16.30 o’clock yesterday afternoon. His car was attacked in Dhal Bandin”, tweet Abdullah in reference to a disfrito of the Pakistani province of Baluchistan bordering Afghanistan.

On Saturday in a statement, the Pentagon avoided to confirm the death of the insurgent leader nor the place of operation. “We are still evaluating the result of the attack and will provide more information as it becomes available,” said spokesman Peter Cook. In similar cases, Washington does not officially announce the death of the person to check for weeks that have ceased their communications and movements.

If confirmed, the death of Mansur becomes the nine months that the Taliban announced that of Mullah Omar, the hitherto leader of the insurgent group. According toAfghan intelligence, Omar had died two years earlier in a hospital in Pakistan apparently of natural causes. After assuming office, Mansur asked United Front against the “enemy,” and promised that he would continue the Jihad “until Islamic rule”.

While the Taliban have shown their ability to replace ringleaders, the American attack is a severe blow to the group because it comes at a time of strength of the insurgents in Afghanistan. After 15 years of military intervention, the first world power hasfailed to stabilize the country, Central Asian or defeat the Taliban.

The Pentagon considers that Mansur was “actively involved” in the planning of attacks in Afghanistan and was “a threat” to local and international forces. “Mansur has been an obstacle to peace and reconciliation between the Afghan Government and the Taliban, prohibiting Taliban leaders to participate in peace talks with the Government,” said Cook.

Mansur bombing was launched from a drone after being approved by President Barack Obama. The attack, according to Reuters, was held in Pakistan. Several unmanned devices opened fire on a vehicle in a remote area of Pakistan near the Afghan border. USA also considers it likely that another militiaman died.

Pakistan has been a haven of the Taliban. The late leader of Qaida Osama Bin Ladenwas hiding in that country when he died in a U.S. operation in 2011. It is unknown ifPakistan was informed of the attack in Mansur, but the fact that their country was feeding U.S. doubts about the pakistani commitment in the fight against the Taliban. In recent years, U.S. has drastically reduced their attacks with drones in Pakistan before Islamabad upset by the deaths of civilians in those raids

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