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Blue tears flood the confirmation statement is Barbie hotel. Traumatized assault on both the

Blue tears flood the confirmation statement is Barbie hotel. Traumatized assault on both the


Blue tears flood the confirmation statement
Blue tears flood the confirmation statement
Currently in the world a social drama in the etc, as well. For the case of go clan drama Hotel Siri trucker sludge arat spirit.” The latest of those children to fabricate Gerber Pak scissors. The right Anon.” After ex-girlfriend turned the scene unfolding frenzy over Facebook page claiming to be the young actors with mayhem show photo evidence revealing the tattoo spot bruises and a document to save the day with thepolice. Chokchai police station distance when the evening of July 20.


While the flow in the social world, etc, it has brought a private chat, which is a conversation between the hotel and “Anon came out to tarnish the Publisher specifies that the Director’s order, famous actors in their affiliation as the parties terminate the relationship because they fear if the film will have an impact in the world of work.


Including when the afternoon today (9 July) of the Hotel arat sludge have come to acknowledge the allegations in the lawsuits, said the mayhem at the wall, revealinga feeling with the Chok Chai with reporters only briefly that they arrive, this time to confirm the purity of mind and was never alleged action, which on Monday that their July 25 will come out in the press release to clarify the whole story with the media,indeed!!


But the latest Internet Idol girls brother blue full review phoksup Akita, d.SC. it hasthe opportunity to set a news conference table to force issues!! As mentioned, whileattending the thepraikan recording EFM GMM25 On TV, which he took to this with selfless is. ..


The events that happened on that day is, he drove home the rats came at 2 and a half and it’s waiting for parking around the rats hit a 3, then enough rats come out atthe front of the House, they just kiss a loud outcry until the rats have fear that neighborhood locals, including your mother would hear the rats had told him to relax andtalk in the car, which are on the car he was driving away, but it will be because we have been chot mouth constantly quarreling, it will be a story, a story that we quit then about 2 months, and as he tried to reconcile, but the mice did not have to go back to those days where I’m enough, he came to know that we have people talk new. He got furious and it’s a slap in the face, neck, catching rats, rats, rats, but it tooksqueeze a rhythmic lean tools Chana hold his forehead he then struck again, in which rats, rats have to say first that the cars we ride to a car. The Toyota BB with steering gear is located opposite it, front-plan to arrive together, only the rhythm is not enough, the mice are lean but his feet, with his personal habits, as people don’t like to play foot. He will takonbok mice that “do not play boots and he was on his feet, “said the rats neck donboriwen.


As it is in the range that we‘re going to ride, and it , but it has one stroke with chotidentical mice less steering wheel is in the rodent‘s head is about to tumble down the dead is dead until we drive the car coming at Ratchada-and we would quarrel with repeated his hands elbow he just continue to come in as the rats exposed body characteristic of shock.


“The question of whether rats up cars with him, why not remove the first straight rats thought he would do this, we think we will talk to you they know about, plus themobile phone to the first rat so I wanted to get the phone tonight and reach his cardriving home a rat, it determined that the rats will remove it and return a phone callback home rodent, but the American says he wants to get a phone and it has a PU pakhao mouth to rats, there pushing the surge is located until the last rat patience so I decided to pull the photo frame, so that the row address noise and make people at home, he woke his mother, which was really wide awake and he then saw that the mice sit crying. The mother told him that rodents rats attacked His mother also says he is now (tears) Throughout the film, he also knew that his mother has intense emotions and it was mayhem rats


Previously, we‘ve exposed the mayhem came before?
The wandering is attacked by rats, people don’t like to let anyone take advantage. If a guy had a rat, it will raengklap. If the men politely came rats, it suphapklap but since this man had and still has the taunting got rats mice, weaving necessary to backa taunting which is a normal event, which we are already married. There are some regular jerk. “


But this is the first time it is best we exposed the mayhem?
Yes, because if he is just a jerk, or hurl the usual squabbling like rats, it’s okay. but this time, he came to a slap in the face to rats. He’s not eligible to come and slap ratpage rat doesn’t do anything. “


See, we said that he had sent us home, Episode 10:00 a.m. During the wait time, then what do we do?
We were sitting there during that time discussion we began talking a good talk together and clear enough to the morning rat, so I told him that I want to return home,he had to send home, but some rats, rats, it changed your mind told him it doesn’t matter now that back during the rats mice walk away face Lane, he. He then ran, and now he is said to have driven to send itself, but on the way back, we might also have a little mouth and it told him that “the sky is not blue, because the story kinda accepted to remove the blue, which attacked what he missed was “eager to do what the crook. If this is not selfish, he went to his parents? then the rats had told him that someone has sympathy with what the rats, rats attacked. The rat doesn’t pity anyone and now. The House he lied all the rats home and he has a new girlfriend. Why he came to reconcile the rats over mice will forget him. He pulled back to the rats feel why the rat is a woman who wants to love, and over time we film we were positive throughout may, there will be Brawl death mother? If he says that real bad rats Hewill come home to the rats to try to conciliate the why. “


The reason that the anime episode?
The cause is a rat asked him to travel to. The rats need recounting before that film the whole time whether to go or to eat, we go by. But the coincidence that day, he has taken a job, friends, I invite you to explore our mice, rats, rats

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