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Tryptophan-tik” good bacteria to the body, but it is not good to everyone

Tryptophan-tik” good bacteria to the body, but it is not good to everyone


Tryptophan-tik" good bacteria to the body
Tryptophan-tik” good bacteria to the body
This range has seen those doctors in the world, considering the social tips talks about its “tryptophan-tik”?, because there may still be many people with insight of the tryptophan-tik cannot correctly perhaps know only that a bacteria 


Facebook page fun knowledge form the cat doctor Describes a tryptophan-tik, the owner removed the detailed origin research of the tryptophan-tik? Why does tryptophan tik each type to a specific ideal people. If not then can eat eat what tik tryptophan substitution or not, and even the tale of “Lactobacillus” in yogurt. Sour milk andclit Find answers from doctor‘s post below, but EP.




Tryptophan tik


Read the short extension, and then see the Sergeant‘s. Is convinced that this wordmany would have heard came? Many people may have heard of from 20-30 years before now that healthy foods are loud, but still might not know what it is, plus it also has too many words together, whether as tryptophan tik tik prebiotic or such otherSIM-o tik.


Tryptophan tik, according to the World Health Organization’s definition, is when the lives of microorganisms into the body in an appropriate size, then they are healthy.The visit, which starts from the first. Cow’s milk is a food store has stored for a few days, it’s difficult to lose, and then eat the diarrhea patient discomfort. But for some cause, as it found that yogurt cheese is stored for longer periods of time. Nevertheless, the use of this food preservation.


Until science advances more and more Around the year 1900, it has a medical student friend remove the yogurt to make a look and found in yogurt will have. The bacteria samples from long rods Enough research. it has Russia scientists the Nobel Prizepeople pay attention, because the owner ken, Yoda is detecting that most local people and people in the area seem to have longer than people in any other bar. He had set up the assumption that bacteria in the gut is probably something toxic emissions and acid in lactic yoghurt created it can inhibit the process of aging.


Is this assumption, belief in which he ate yogurt, sour milk, the owner here and died, but it did not have a clear answer comes up OK, the owner helped fuel the healthy real silk.


Which, over time, until today. Understanding germs in the body is much greater. Wefound that among the various live in our bodies.


Some types are with us like nothing, but when the body is weak, it will rise to hurt us.


Some are with us without the disease but that affect the immune system of our body.


Some are not pathogenic, but that affects the body’s absorption of nutrients.


Some friendly is the model for the first of three they need our help.


Which, naturally, we’ll know they do it up with food to eat and which to eat meat and saturated fats, the resulting infections rarely occur, and very good food with fiberwill help fuel type and add a lot of. Sometimes the modification may be made, the results were not fast enough, or some may not change. So there the study of probiotics that will fuel what’s eaten into the body?, be beneficial to the body the most.


Research master, it is possible to use probiotics in the treatment of diarrhea. There are also many other disease research that conclusion is not clear yet. Diseases in the gastrointestinal tract (H. Pylori infections, IBS, intestinal inflammation of some kind),The matter of reducing blood cholesterol, reduction of inflammation, boosts the body’s immune.


For people who want to maintain their health with the probiotics might also try to find out if we have the symptom with any type of probiotic, then eat a probiotic (probiotic but is not identical. Want to see the research) or if he doesn’t want to think ofwhat they eat the vegetables they eat dietary fiber naturally eat saturated fats and do not consume too much sugar lol.


PS. For people who suspect their blackest in the yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus. … And have vaginal Lactobacillus. Then the source of the infection, from which it is yogurt?


The answer is, not because someone found out that Lactobacillus plantarum in yogurt. It is a source of infection from Lactobacillus acidophilus from the vegetable trees!

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